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efello malaysia


$ 72.94

Latest Traditional Magenta Georgette Anarkali Suit, Dress

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efello malaysia


$ 66.03

Latest Traditional Purple Silk Designer Lehenga Choli

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frequently asked questions

1. Has my purchase order been shipped out yet?
As soon as we dispatch your order is, we will sent an email to you to confirm that it's on its way.

2. Which countries do you mainly deliver to?
We ship to almost every major country of the world.

3. Do you have a shop or any store?
efello.com is an online Fashion Store, which means you can shop with us 24*7 from every part of the world and we'll deliver it to your front door so you don't even have to carry your own shopping home.

4. Do you reduce the price over a period of time for your best selling items?
In general we do not reduce the prices for these items unless they are put up on sale.

5. I don't know much about Indian fashion wears, is it a safe play to pick up something from the Best Sellers?
Yes definitely. These items have been selling from a long period of time, and it's always advisable to buy from the most accepted range.

6. Can I customize any apparel?
Yes, it will take some additional days if the items ordered need customization.

7. Is it possible to spot only a particular fabric designs in new arrivals?
Yes, just select any catalog from the new arrivals. Select the desired category given at the bottom of the page.

8. Is it possible to buy a saree which is ready-to-wear?
Almost all sarees in our online store can be stitched as ready-to-wear for an extra charge. You can also customize your blouse.

9. What special fabrics do you use for lining?
we use exclusive Cotton fabric for lining.

10. Is it possible to get special styles of necklines, sleeves or salwar stitched?
This facility is available only for unstitched items. It will not be possible for readymade items which are available only in standard size.

11. Can I get an item in bulk which is on sale?
Some items are available in limited quantity. However you can send us an e-mail with the information you require at info@efello.com.

12. Can I get the products in different color?
Generally no, but you can contact us and for its availability.

13. How do you deliver the products?
We deliver all our products through courier.

14. If item is received broken or defective?
If the broken or defective item is received then we replace the goods within a period of time.

15. Are there any hidden costs in placing orders?
No, there are no any hidden charges.

16. Is it necessary to register for doing shopping through efello.com?
Yes, before any shopping from efello.com you need to register, the registration details will help us to communicate with you in future.

17. Which credit cards does efello.com accept?
We accept all Major Debit and credit cards.

18. Is efello.com shopping secure?
Our prime concern is to provide Privacy and security to our customer. We ensure the safety and security of your credit card details, as we are using best encryption technology to protect your order and card details. Privacy and security of your details is our prime concern.